Weekly Trading Forecast: Will Volatility Spread to the FX Market?
Geopolitical tensions boiled to the surface this past week and created significant market swells. Is this just another one-off jump in fear or a turning point in sentiment? What lies in store for the currency market should volatility return?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will Heavy Event Risk Keep Volatility Levels Rising?
Volatility measures started to pull up multi-year and record lows this past week as headlines started to generate traction amongst traders. Will the dense calendar ahead finally encourage activity levels to hit escape velocity and trigger a round of trade opportunities along the way?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Buying the Oversold Dollar
The Dollar fell to fresh yearly lows but quickly bounced. Why might it continue higher, and which are the currency pairs to watch?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Traders Deal with NFPs and a US Holiday Next Week
The economic docket is loaded next week with NFPs and an ECB decision just two high profile events. Yet, can this stir a market that is facing a holiday liquidity slump?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Traders Deal with NFPs and a US Holiday Next Week
The economic docket is loaded next week with NFPs and an ECB decision just two high profile events. Yet, can this stir a market that is facing a holiday liquidity slump?

Weekly Forex Trading Forecast - Risk and Yield Forecasts Key Themes
Widening divergences in interest rate forecasts and the reality that volatility cannot continue to tread levels this low for much longer has traders on edge and looking for opportunity

Weekly Forex Trading Forecast - All Eyes on Dollar Ahead of Fed Meeting
The Dollar continues to trade in a tight range versus the Euro and other counterparts, but a highly-anticipated Fed meeting could spark big moves in USD pairs.

Trading Forecast: Extreme Volatility Sets Explosive Potential for the FX Market
Volatility readings across the financial system have collapsed. This has traders more concerned than reassured. What does it mean for the FX market going forward?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Key Events to Decide Euro, Dollar Direction
Forex traders look to a critical European Central Bank decision and US NFPs labor data to drive big market moves and decide Euro and Dollar direction in the week ahead.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Can USD and S&P 500 Maintain Their Bull Trends?
Record highs for the US equity market are now cause for murmurs of doubt. Skepticism doesn't rest just with the S&P 500, it is proving a univesal sentiment. How will this impact the Dollar and FX markets this week?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will EURUSD Lead Majors to Next Trends?
There is a distinct contrast between EURUSD and the other dollar-backed 'majors'. The world's most liquid pair has broken critical support and leans heavily towards a larger trend change.

Weekly Trading Forecast: FX Market Looks to Turn Volatility into Trend Reversals
A swell in volatility this past week for the world's most liquid currency - EURUSD - contributed to a subtantial shift in the FX market. Will heavy event risk ahead further push us towards new and lasting trends?

Weekly Trading Forecast: EURUSD and Majors Move Closer to Critical Breakouts
This past week ended with extreme volatility readings - extremely low readings. Though rather than promote calm, these measures look more like the prelude to a disruptive return to 'normal'.

Weekly Trading Forecast: The Return of Volatility
Market activity slumped even further this past week with the holiday liquidity drain and never recovered. Pushing extremes, a loaded docket ahead with event risk like 1Q GDP readings, FOMC rate decision and NFPs may catalyze the return of volatility.

Forex Weekly Trading Forecasts: A Return of Liquidity Likely to Revive Volatility, Trend Development
The holiday liquidity drain this week has not only curbed volatility, it has distorted trends - leading to a rebound in 'risk' and dollar. So, what happens when the markets are topped off again?

Forex Trading Forecast: The Bears Charge and FX Traders are Ready
The biggest drop in equities in nearly two years this past week positioned the benchmark currencies and pairs on the verge of major breakouts. Will the volatility and trend shift be made permanent this week?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will the Turn in Risk Trends Develop into a New Trend?
FX and capital markets were steady through much of this past week until volatility exploded on Friday. Is this the beginning of a bigger move for yen crosses, the dollar, equities and others?

Forex Markets Face Perfect Storm of Critical Event Risk Ahead
The foreign exchange markets are faced with dramatic volatility potential in the days ahead as investors are faced with a back-to-back barrage of high profile event risk.

Forex Weekly Trading Forecasts: Dollar and Yen Threaten Rally but Where is the Risk Trend Support?
EURUSD and GBPUSD have made tentative moves towards reversals, but can the dollar muster enough strength to hit escape velocity?

Forex Weekly Trading Forecasts: Volatility to Prevail Amid FOMC Decision, Geopolitical Tension
Markets took an unhealthy turn this past week with equities and yen crosses stumbling under a theme of 'risk aversion'. Whether this fear evolves into a lasting trend though is likely decision for heavy event risk this week.

Forex Weekly Trading Forecast: Smooth Sailing Higher for EURUSD, Yen Crosses and S&P 500 Or...
Key technical breaks seemed to push forward the 'risk on' theme with EURUSD joining the S&P 500 and yen crosses march higher. Yet fundamentals pose a potentially fatal risk to this mix of optimism and complacency

Forex Weekly Trading Forecast: Risk Trends Breakout before a Week of NFPs and ECB
The trading week ended with a high profile breakout by the S&P 500 and EURUSD surge towards 1.3800. A bigger move may seem underway, but there is reason to cautious....

Weekly Trading Forecast: Volatility and Breakouts Await Dollar and the Majors
Don't let the tame USDollar rebound or EURUSD and GBPUSD congestion lull you into complacency. Volatility and breakouts are a technical break or headline away.

Weekly Forex Trading Forecast: A Week of Risk-Based Breakouts or a Dramatic USD Recovery?
The US Dollar dove for 10 consecutive trading days while the S&P 500 returned to record highs this past week. Is this a week of critical breaks to new trends or dramatic reversals?

Weekly Forex Trading Forecast: Can Dollar Find Direction as NFPs Weigh on Taper Speculation?
Taper speculation has been revived after a dour NFPs release, sending the US Dollar to four-month highs. Yet, it is the shift in other policy forecasts that may generate the more remarkable FX trends next week.

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