A Fundamental Push for Key EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY Levels?
A surge from the Dollar to close this past week has put many of the 'majors' on the verge a reviving a long-term trend.

Dollar Tumbles not Over Yet – Watch Data and Positions in Week Ahead
The US Dollar tumbled for yet another week versus the Euro and other majors. Why might it continue lower, and what are the major FX risks in the week ahead?

Dollar Threatens Reversal, Pound Sports Rally, Euro Faces Volatility
The Dollar and Pound are on the cusp of decisive trend developments, but their fundamental drive is not certain. Euro volatility, however, looks inevitable.

Trading Forecast: Euro, Dollar and Pound Face Strong Winds This Week
Key event risk in US NFPs, Greek negotiations, a UK election and RBA rate decision set the FX market up for volatility in the week ahead.

Weekly Trading Forecast: FOMC, GDP, Greece and Much More Ahead
There is an avalanche of high-level event risk due in the week ahead. Be ready for the risk and opportunity.

Forecast: Will Dollar and Equity Declines Evolve into Reversals?
The Dollar suffered its second worst week in a year and the S&P 500 tumbled after coming up short for a record high. Does something bigger await us ahead?

Forex Weekly Forecast: US Dollar Surges, but for How Much Longer?
The US Dollar surged on a big jump in yields, but appetite for further USD buying is fading given already one-sided positions. Does it have anything left for the coming week?

Forecast: Dollar Battered by NFPs, Euro Worryingly Blasé on Greece
The FX market's best performing currency took a fundamental hit this past week which may turn into a speculative blow when liquidity returns.

Forecast: Dollar Faces NFPs, Euro Anticipating Greece and Risk Languishes
The week ahead of us will be driven by both frenetic speculative views and distinct event risk.

Weekly Trading Forecast: FX Volatility Climbs and So Does EURUSD
This past week's EURUSD rally was the biggest in over three years. Has the Fed turned major FX trends or is this a bout of volatile indigestion?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will the Fed Tip a June Hike and EURUSD Parity?
Whether you trade the Dollar, Equities or any other asset; this week's Fed rate decision can redefine your market.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will the Fed Tip a June Hike and EURUSD Parity?
Whether you trade the Dollar, Equities or any other asset; this week's Fed rate decision can redefine your market.

Weekly Trading Forecast: FX and Capital Markets Shaken by Strong NFPs
A strong US labor report charged the Dollar to an 11 year high and sent the S&P 500 reeling. Are these trends that will build through the coming week?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Expect Heavy Seas Between NFPs, ECB and RBA
A hiccup of volatility this past week nudged the FX and capital markets. The depth of event risk ahead will spur much more.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Greece Offers Limited Euro Lift, Dollar Focuses on Yellen
FX traders will focus on Europe, Fed rate expectations and risk trends in the coming week.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Dollar Strength, Greece Negotiations, BoE and BoJ Policy at Risk
Though there are fewer high-profile indicators on tap this week, a range of deeper fundamental currents are set to ignite volatility and perhaps even turn trends.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Is This the Return of the Greek Crisis and Volatility?
All of the driving fundamental themes are gaining momentum: rate speculation for the Fed and BoE; concerns of a revived Greece crisis; and fear of a market collapse despite stimulus.

Weekly Trading Forecast: NFPs and RBA Rate Decision Key FX Catalysts This Week
Monetary policy has proven the Forex market's top driver the past six months. That puts this week's NFPs a market-forecasted RBA rate cut in the spotlight.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will Fed and Greek Elections Keep FX Volatility Boiling
We are already off to a volatile start to 2015, and the coming week presents high-level event risk that will likely keep those activity levels high.

Weekly Trading Forecast - ECB Decision and Volatility Dominant Traders’ Concerns
FX-based volatility surged this past week to extend an already robust trend to three-year highs. Will an ECB decision, China GDP and round of event risk amplify or calm these swings?

Weekly Trading Forecast: The Next Move in Volatility and Strong FX Trends
Risk trends and volatility may have leveled off to close the week, but the period still marked the S&P 500's worst start since 2008

Weekly Trading Forecast: How Far can the Dollar Go in 2014?
The Dollar trades near major highs versus the Euro and other FX counterparts. Why might key currencies hit fresh extremes in the final two weeks of the year?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will the Fed Rate Decision Curb or Accelerate the Market’s Tumble?
Volatility soared this past week with both the Dollar and S&P 500 suffering. With a round of high level event risk - the Fed decision included - this week is unlikely to be the typically quiet year-end liquidity drain.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Is this the Week EURUSD Finally Breaks 1.2000?
Though the ECB decided to snuff speculation of a full QE upgrade at its meeting this past week, strong NFPs made sure to drive EURUSD to historic support.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Dollar Hits a Record Before the ECB Weighs Further QE
We are coming off a holiday trading week, and December is know as the best month historically for capital market returns.

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