Weekly Trading Forecast: How Far can the Dollar Go in 2014?
The Dollar trades near major highs versus the Euro and other FX counterparts. Why might key currencies hit fresh extremes in the final two weeks of the year?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will the Fed Rate Decision Curb or Accelerate the Market’s Tumble?
Volatility soared this past week with both the Dollar and S&P 500 suffering. With a round of high level event risk - the Fed decision included - this week is unlikely to be the typically quiet year-end liquidity drain.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Is this the Week EURUSD Finally Breaks 1.2000?
Though the ECB decided to snuff speculation of a full QE upgrade at its meeting this past week, strong NFPs made sure to drive EURUSD to historic support.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Dollar Hits a Record Before the ECB Weighs Further QE
We are coming off a holiday trading week, and December is know as the best month historically for capital market returns.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Volatility Keeps Boiling in the FX Market
Just as the global capital markets were preparing for the seasonal downshift into Thanksgiving week, multiple central banks sent a shockwave of volatility through the markets. Be wary of FX volatility this week.

Key Event Risk Set to Reignite Currency, Capital Markets Volatility
A record high close and 9-year low in realized volatility for US equity markets this past week is drawing skepticism rather than confidence. And, important event risk ahead may settle the score.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Dollar, Euro and Yen Trends Grow Fundamentally Stretched
USDollar has topped five-year highs, EURUSD has within reach of breaking a decade long range and USDJPY recovered half of a 15-year decline in two years. Can the FX market extend these incredible moves?

Weekly Forecast: FX Volatility to Persist on Key Data, Rate Decisions
Currency markets are in for another week of breakneck volatility as a slew of key data releases and three high-profile monetary policy announcements cross the wires.

Weekly Trading Forecast: FX Traders Prepare for Heavy Volatility on FOMC, GDP and ECB Stimulus
This past week's calm optimism was likely an interlude for a bigger shift in market conditions. With a FOMC decision, US GDP, ECB Stress test and much more ahead; stability will be put to the test.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Complacency Cracks, Is this the Long-Await Reversal?
Traders' nerves were shaken this past week as volatility surged and capital markets stumbled. Now the focus turns to whether the correction is over or just beginning...

Weekly Trading Forecast: Complacency Cracks, Is this the Long-Await Reversal?
Volatility and volume have been building for some time, but this past week's developments reflect the most troubling shift in sentiment the markets have experienced in a long time.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY Extend Their Astounding Trends?
Most of the majors are sporting multi-month and multi-year highs for the US Dollar. Can the FX market keep this breakneck pace while simultaneously feeding volatility?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will the Dollar and Euro Maintain Their Trends?
The trends amongst the majors are arguably the most remarkable performances across the financial system. Yet, on the back of an 11-week USDollar rally and EURUSD drive to two year lows, can these trends survive key event risk ahead?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will the Dollar Continue to Dominate the Majors?
After a whirlwind week including the FOMC decision, an ECB stimulus and near-miss UK split; the Dollar has conspicuously ended the week on a strong foot. Will the Greenback bull trend endure through the coming week and beyond?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Key Event Risk and Volatility Ahead
The markets are a minefield this week. A FOMC rate decision, Scottish Referendum and ECB stimulus injection are just a few of the high-profile events scheduled to rock the FX market moving forward.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Dollar Prevails as FX Volatility Climbs
The USDollar has rallied for 8 consecutive weeks as currency market volatility has exploded. Is this a permanent rise in activity - and trend for the greenback?

Weekly Trading Forecast: NFPs, An ECB Rate Decision and Return of Liquidity
An extended holiday weekend for the US marks the end of the summer slump. Can seasonal shift leverage events like NFPs and an ECB decision to a more systemic change in volatility and volume?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Can the Dollar Extend its Bull Trend?
The Dollar rallied for its sixth consecutive week, and the progress showed through in key extensions for EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY. Can the greenback maintain its drive alongside the S&P 500's own surge?

Weekly Trading Forecast: US CPI, FOMC Minutes Put Fed Outlook in Focus
Speculation about the timing of the first Fed interest rate hike promises to drive volatility for the US Dollar and the wider financial markets in the week ahead.

Weekly Trading Forecast: FX and Equity Markets Close to Seismic Shift
Volatility measures advanced and risk-bound market benchmarks (S&P 500, UDJPY, etc) struggled this past week. A wide spread dim in sentiment threatens a major change in course and momentum.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will Volatility and Dollar Rallies Continue?
Both the dollar and volatility indexes mounted impressive rallies this past week, charged by high-level event risk. Now at critical points of escalation, can FX bencnhmark and underlying theme secure lasting trends?

Weekly Trading Forecast: FX Markets Brace for US GDP, NFPs and FOMC Decision
A number of the majors have taken a substantial change in course this past week. Will the dollar be able to leverage the move with a dramatic round of data ahead?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will Volatility Spread to the FX Market?
Geopolitical tensions boiled to the surface this past week and created significant market swells. Is this just another one-off jump in fear or a turning point in sentiment? What lies in store for the currency market should volatility return?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will Heavy Event Risk Keep Volatility Levels Rising?
Volatility measures started to pull up multi-year and record lows this past week as headlines started to generate traction amongst traders. Will the dense calendar ahead finally encourage activity levels to hit escape velocity and trigger a round of trade opportunities along the way?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Buying the Oversold Dollar
The Dollar fell to fresh yearly lows but quickly bounced. Why might it continue higher, and which are the currency pairs to watch?

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