Weekly Fundamental Forecast: FOMC; BoJ; US, EZ and UK GDP Top Busy Docket
The economic calendar is overloaded with event risk that is both known for heavy market impact and for its growing systemic importance. What should you keep track of for trading the Dollar, Euro, Yen and Pound?

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: Can the Risk Rally and EUR/USD Range Persist?
There were two prominent and dichotomous trends this past week. One the one hand, the S&P 500 extended a run to record highs. On the other, EUR/USD held a tight range. Can this contrast in direction and activity level hold?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fueling Fed, Brexit and China Fundamental Speculation
This past week was concentrated on a singular event – NFPs which materially bested expectations. Ahead, we will tap into key global themes from Brexit with the BoE decision to China GDP and Eurozone stability.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: Brexit Top Concern for All FX Traders
There is a lot of scheduled event risk scheduled throughout the coming week, but all traders will be focusing on one particularly acute threat to the market's calm: the UK's Brexit vote.

Weekly Fundamental Forecast: Will the Fed, Brexit, Stimulus Tip Financial Stability?
Event risk in the week ahead is dense with expected sparks like the Fed, BoJ, BoE rate decisions, Brexit speculation and oil prices' moderation. However, the market's path forward has likely more to do with underlying conditions than surface catalysts.

Weekly Trading Forecast: How Far Will Dramatic EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY Moves Run?
With a late-in-the-week plunge from the US Dollar, the majors have revived trends that were struggling to gain any traction. How much momentum is there behind this post-NFP shock move?

Weekly Trading Forecast: NFPs, ECB and Aussie GDP to Combat Expected Slow Start
The week ahead is expected to launch with a slow start with US and UK holiday’s curbing speculative ambitions. However, a long list of critical event risk will likely break that spell quickly.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Dollar Tops Performer List Once Again, Will BoJ Act after G7?
The Dollar has advanced for 3 straight weeks as the freeze from rate skeptics finally thawed. Can the BoJ also regain influence or does it need to take it by force?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will FX Policy and Global Risk Come Up at G-7
The Dollar has mounted a recover and risk trends have lost traction this past week. Will these themes carry through to the week ahead, and what will the G-7 meeting elicit from speculators?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Dollar Struggles with Recovery, Euro Faces Greece, Pound Awaits BoE
A notable slip in risk trend and rebound from the Dollar this past week has spurred speculation of reversals. However, is there enough fundamental leverage to change the market's tack and develop serious moves?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Systemic Changes Afoot for Risk, EURUSD, USDJPY?
Though still early yet, there have been some remarkable change in trend recently. Dollar is in retreat with the S&P 500 starting to slip. The Yen has surged while Gold has hit 15-month highs. Is something bigger stirring in the markets?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed Decision, BoJ Intervention, 1Q GDP Top Event Risk
The week ahead is the antithesis of what we leave behind. The docket is stocked with major market movers - event risk that can do much more than generate a little volatility.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Yen Intervention, ECB Desperation and Fed Timing
While pressure builds on the technical front, the fundamental threat list continues to grow. Unusual monetary policy currents will compete with risk appetite in the week ahead.

Chinese, Global Growth Forecasts Top Fundamental FX Drivers This Week
The economic docket will fill out with critical event risk ahead. At the top of the list will be 1Q Chinese GDP along with the IMF's forecasts for growth and financial stability for the world's most important regions.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Dollar Slide and Euro, Equity Rallies Temper
Yellen cut the legs from under the Dollar, but the currency hasn't simply collapsed. Market conditions may be tempering fundamental drive heading into the new quarter.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Have We Seen a Seismic Trend Change for EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD?
The Dollar's tumble these past three weeks was given fundamental backing by the Fed's downgrade of its interest rate forecasts. Does this mark a definitive turn in trend for the majors and risk trends?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed, BoJ and BoE Rate Decisions Look to Further Stir FX Volatility
The ECB's extraordinary effort to expand stimulus this past week revealed the monetary policy doesn't exact the 'typical' influence on exchange rates, and speculative appetite isn't so easy to inspire. That is dangerous given the influence of the Fed decision ahead.

Weekly Trading Forecast: China, ECB Decision and Dollar Stability to Test FX Market Volatility
The fundamental focus will shift temporarily from the Dollar over the coming week - just as trend pressure comes into view - with China's NPC meeting and the ECB rate decision drawing traders' anxiety.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Dollar Attempts a Recovery as Euro, Pound and Yen Stumble
Risk trends have improved and so too has the Dollar's position. Amid NFPs, the G20 rehash of risks, Brexit and other high-profile themes; expect volatility moving forward.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed Forecasts, Brexit and China Just a Few Key Themes This Week
Key financial market themes are finding traction between key data (ie US inflation), events (G-20) and headlines (EU Brexit headway). Will volatility evolve into trend?

Forex Weekly Forecast: Dollar is the Big Loser until this Changes
Tensions are running high as the S&P 500 hits its worst streak since the heights of the Global Financial Crisis. But all hope is not lost—we’re keeping an eye on these key themes in the big week ahead.

Weekly Trading Forecast: Will We See More of Last Week’s Exceptional FX and Commodity Volatility?
The Dollar suffered one of its most abrupt swoons in years until NFPs stabilized the currency. Oil and gold meanwhile generated remarkable volatility and tentative stabs at trends. Will we see more of these active markets this week?

Weekly Trading Forecast: Fresh Stimulus, Tentative Recoveries and Heavy FX Event Risk
The BoJ refreshed the global central bank discussion this past week after announcing negative rates. And, risk-oriented markets gained as they have in years past. Is this a return to familiar trends or a false dawn?

How Will a Volatile Market React to the Fed Decision, US GDP?
While the markets may have recovered ground this past week, investors are far from optimistic. Anxiety pervades and a heavy round of key event risk ahead threatens to easily revive volatility - if not fear.

If Risk Implodes, Which Currencies Stand to Suffer or Soar?
A sharp slide in capital markets reflected a strong 'risk off' mentality into the close of this past week. Will cooler heads prevail ahead or was that the next move to escalate a bigger shift in sentiment?

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