Europe Under Threat
We invite you to watch this plea by Dr Rath on YouTubeĀ¯ and to forward it to your friends and acquaintances in your vicinity and possibly even also in other countries

On 13 March Dr. Rath delivered a speech in the “Stage Theater” in Berlin – just a few meters from the German chancellery. In his speech he pointed out how the current policy to subjugate Europe is seamlessly following the policy of former German chancellors – from Imperial Chancellor Bethmann-Hollweg who signed the declaration of the First World War, to Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler who started Second World War from this town.

In doing so, all three chancellors – from Bethmann-Hollweg to Merkel – served and serve the same economic interests – the German chemical and pharmaceutical industry – and their striving for world power. And this is why – after two lost world wars – Merkel’s and Sarkozy’s extorted European Union is nothing else than the third attempt of the chemical and pharmaceutical cartel to seize Europe with the same consequences: Economic subjugation of entire nations, establishment of a political dictatorship through the unelected Brussels EU commission and – as the final step – a renewed conquering expedition to subjugate the rest of the world.

The signs are evident, hence Dr. Rath’s dramatic plea at the end of his speech in Berlin. We invite you to watch this plea on “YouTube” and to forward it to your friends and acquaintances in your vicinity and possibly even also in other countries:


Do it now! Do it in the interests of your children and all future generations!

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