One particular saturated fat actually promotes good health and weight loss

Unique Saturated Fat Promotes Weight Loss

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In the last decade, there has been a great deal of focus on how different fats affect our health. For instance, the merits of unsaturated fats – found in olive and flax seed oils – are widely known, particularly in terms of their heart health benefits. Whereas, saturated fats — found in meat and dairy products, have had a lot of bad press and have always been placed in the "avoid" or "limit" category.

Fortunately, slowly but surely people are starting to cotton on to the fact that saturated fat is not the villain it is made out to be. Fats, including saturated fat, are essential elements of our diet and have multiple functions in our bodies. These include constructing cell membranes and nerve sheaths, and they form the raw materials from which we manufacture sex hormones, vitamin D and countless other important substances...

One particular saturated fat can actually help maintain good health and promote weight loss: Virgin Coconut Oil.

Traditionally used in tropical regions for centuries, researchers have noted that the Polynesians and the Bicolanos of the Philippines, who include virgin coconut oil in their diets each day, have normal cholesterol levels and little incidence of coronary disease.

In fact, amongst these populations, digestive problems are rare, as are other problems including colitis, colon cancer, kidney stones, under-active thyroid and obesity.

Virgin coconut oil — a cut above the rest

There are three main groups of saturated fats: short chain, medium chain and long chain. Each type has different nutritional and biological characteristics. For example, long chain fatty acids (LCFA) — present in beef, mutton, pork and dairy products — cause blood platelets to become sticky, which can lead to cardiovascular disease and related conditions.

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