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GBP/USD Driving Equities and Volatility, Likely to Persist
Don't expect Brexit headlines to leave the newswires any time soon.

British Pound May Bounce as Markets Digest Brexit Blood-Letting
The British Pound may bounce while risky assets claw back some lost ground and haven alternatives ease back as markets digest Brexit-inspired volatility.

Gold Prices May Correct Lower as Brexit News-Flow Slows
Gold prices may correct lower after spiking to the highest level in two years amid a lull in fresh news-flow informing post-Brexit referendum narrative.

Gold and Yen May Continue to Shine in Post-Brexit World
Markets are grappling with a new reality after the recent Brexit referendum. If risk aversion continues to show, which markets should investors and traders utilize to look for cover?

Building a Post-Brexit Trading Plan
Brexit Rocked The Markets. With An Uncertain Future, Certain Markets Can Benefit And Other Fall. Here Are A Few Scenarios Worth Watching.

EUR/USD Retail Sentiment Flips; Dovish ECB Rhetoric to Fuel Losses
EUR/USD stands at risk for further losses should the ECB show a greater willingness to further embark on its easing cycle.

China’s Market News: Spokesman Addresses China-UK Relationship After Brexit
Following the result of the Brexit referendum, the Chinese government offered official comments on the matter. Also, China’s Central Bank aggressively guided onshore exchange rates.

The Brexit Aftermath – Technical Outlook into the Month/Quarter Close
Webinar highlighting post-Brexit setups we’re tracking. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter heading into the close of the month / quarter.

Equities Vulnerable as the World Enters a Post-Brexit Reality
While Brexit may be bearish for the U.K. economy, it may bring on even more weakness to Europe; and European equities are seeing even more brisk sell-offs than their British counterparts.

Brexit Delays Yuan Globalization Agenda, Threatens HKD/USD Peg
The outcome of the UK Brexit referendum interrupt the Yuan’s path toward becoming a global currency and challenge the Hong Kong Dollar’s managed exchange rate regime.

Currency Markets May Pause to Digest After Brexit Fireworks
Currency markets may briefly stall to digest last week’s explosive Brexit-inspired volatility but the path of least resistance continues to favor risk aversion.

Crude Oil, Gold Prices Aim in Opposite Directions After Brexit Jolt
Crude oil and gold prices aim in opposite directions after last week’s Brexit-fueled volatility, with the markets still seemingly divided along risk on/off lines.

Realization of Brexit is a Potential Nightmare for the Euro
It really happened: the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Already, political parties from several countries have called for their own referendums, raising into question the long-run viability of the Euro.

Brexit Aftermath Analysis Directory
The UK has opted to leave the European Union, triggering record-breaking volatility across global financial markets. Our analysis of the outcome and its legacy are compiled here.

USDollar Soars on Brexit, Safety and Reserve Appetite Strong Winds
The Dollar soared this past week in the fracas that resulted from the market realizing the United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union.

Brexit Leaves Room for Even Weaker Yuan
As of 9:30 am EDT, the onshore Yuan against the British Pound (GBP/CNY) soared +8.11% to 9.0738 while the offshore Yuan (GBP/CNH) rose +7.68% to 9.0934, following Britain’s vote to depart from the EU.

USD/JPY Bearish Outlook Mired by Intervention Threat, Upbeat US Data
In the aftermath of the U.K. Referendum, USD/JPY may face a further decline next week amid the deterioration in risk sentiment, but the fundamental developments coming out of the world’s largest economy may spur a near-term rebound in the exchange rate should the data prints put increased pressure on the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to further normalize monetary policy.

British Pound to Remain Volatile as the World Adjusts to the Realities of Brexit
The world received a lightning bolt of a shock last night as it was announced that British voters have decided to leave the European Union, and the near-term impact thus far has been profound.

Global Markets Brace for Massive Impact from Brexit
Global markets saw extreme volatility on the back of the Brexit referendum, and this sets in course a long political process that can bring considerable uncertainty to global capital markets.

GBPUSD, EURUSD & Gold Technical Outlook in a Post Brexit World
The Brexit vote has triggered a cascade of unprecedented moves across the currency markets. Here are the updated targets & invalidation levels that matter.

Brexit Bloodbath Has Markets Betting on Lasting Volatility Risk
Financial markets have come unhinged after the UK “Brexit” referendum and markets are expect heightened volatility risk to persist in the months ahead.

USD/JPY Retail Sentiment Moves Back to Extreme With Japan Watching FX
Retail FX sentiment is moving back towards recent extremes as USD/JPY dips below the 99.00 handle, with Japanese officials closely watching the currency market.

UK Votes for Brexit - Markets Highly Volatile - Caution Advised
A shocking and an historic night in the UK.

Brexit Analysis Directory
We have organized DailyFX’s analysis and background on the impending Brexit into a single page.

USD/JPY Risks Larger Recovery; FX Sentiment Narrows From Extremes
USD/JPY stands at risk for a larger recovery as it breaks out of the near-term range, while retail FX sentiment narrows from recent extremes. 

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