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How To Seduce Your Ex Girlfriend

Are you looking to seduce your ex girlfriend? Well, I’ve got some tips for you. Seducing an old spark is all about simply just reminding her about the love that you two shared in the past. It’s about reminding her of the passion and sexuality you both shared when you were together.

And, surprisingly, seducing your ex girlfriend and seducing just any girl is very similar. The fundamentals of creating sexual attraction is the same regardless of any the setting.

However, if she was the one that dumped you and you resorted to desperate tactics to get her, then the attraction might be completely gone. Either way, you need to allow her emotions to reset to 0 before you attempt to attract her back into your life again.

Usually, you have to wait at least 2 months until you contact your ex girlfriend again.You need to wipe the slate clean.

Secondly, you need to set up a date — but you need to remember that this can’t be a “romantic” date yet. You can’t convey to her that you’re interested in her romantically, yet… this will turn her off. If you convey to her that you just want to sleep with her, she’ll get afraid and she won’t agree to meet with you.

However, if you pose to her that you’re interested in her “just as friends”, then she’ll be more open to meeting with you.

Once you set up this meeting, make sure you tell her that it will be a short meeting. Tell her something like, “I can only meet for an hour, hope that’s cool.”

When you’re in the meeting with her, keep things casual and cool. Tell her about all the good things that are happening in your life. Tell her about all the new girls that have been chasing. And most importantly, learn how to flirt.

Try and do things that turn her on the most. Touch her a lot. Flirting, like with turning on any girl, is a fundamental rule to get any girl into bed. Once you start flirting receptively, she’ll clue in that sex is what you want (which is good, because at this point, she’ll probably be turned on and wanting you too).

If you’re unsure about this, try taking this how to get your ex back quiz, in it, it will reveal with scientific evidence whether or not.

Finally, you’ll want to have sex with your ex girlfriend. This is one of the key ingredients to actually seducing your ex girlfriend back into her life. Make sure the sex is good.

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