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Movie Business Idea

A Turnkey Movie Business Idea You Can Start Today

A Turnkey Movie Business Idea You Can Start Today

Imagine if you could sell movies but you didn’t have to pay a penny to produce them. Using the public domain as your main resource it is now possible to cash in on the movie business. You can now literally create your own legitimate moving picture empire just like Walt Disney.

Information in the public domain describes a body of works in which the copyright has expired or there was never any copyright in the first place. This means anyone can take these works and do with them as they please. Public domain content includes books, audio and, you may be surprised to learn, it even includes movies.

The availability of public domain moving pictures is a little known about and largely uptapped resource. What many people don’t know is that there are special web sites that sell public domain footage - as in video footage. This is a huge opportunity for those in the know and with a little investment, perhaps a couple of hundred bucks, there is a potential fortune to be made in the long term.

One of the best web sites to buy licences to videos from the public domain is Anyone can purchase these video licences and then they are free to do with them as they please. (There are some terms, conditions and guidelines and you should read the information provided on the Buyout Footage web site for that).

If you visit you can see videos categories for subjects such as military video footage, presidential speeches, NASA videos, old films such as westerns and much more.

So how could you turn these into a business, quickly?

Well it takes a little thinking outside of the box. But if you hit on a good idea you could have a huge business on your hands. Here are a few ideas:

One. An example might be the speeches by the presidents of the USA. You could source all of the speeches ever made by US presidents. This specialist niche market would appeal to people looking to improve their public speaking or confidence, for example. Just think how many people that could attract worldwide. Millions I should expect! Then you could:

- sell them just as speeches by the presidents

- set up a web site with a locked member’s area. You could then sell access to the speeches for, say, one hundred dollars or more.

- burn the speeches onto DVD and sell them as a collector’s item.

- create a “how to” product teaching people how to present a great speech. Who better to learn from than the most powerful people in the world right?

Two. You could source a selection of classic old films. Then you could create your own classic film box sets. This is what the big film companies will often do. (In fact Walt Disney's empire is based largely on content sourced from the public domain). It just goes “under the radar” because people don’t know the secret I am now letting you in on.

Three. You could source a selection of videos on NASA and space exploration. This is a huge market of interest for people. You could put the videos behind a locked member’s area and create a video membership site where you “dripped in” new video content each month and charged a monthly fee of, say twenty bucks or so. Imagine if you could get a thousand people paying you that every month? There are tens of thousands of people searching for space related information every day!

Four. What about creating some DVD’s on the military and selling them on eBay, or from your own web site? This is another red hot topic.

With you can literally “steal” video productions that probably cost tens of thousands to make. Then you only need to spend a few hundred bucks to be in business in just a couple of days.

Think about it this way. You could spend a thousand dollars setting up a really, really cool web site on the military. You might even want to pay someone from sites such as to help with the web site creation. You could have videos from past wars and battles accessible only in a locked member’s area. You could then charge people one hundred dollars to gain access.

There are hundreds of thousands of people a month searching for information related to the military. You would only need to find ten people to sign up before being in profit and the sky’s the limit!

Consider another angle. People spend hundreds of thousands each year setting up franchises in Subway or Pizza Hut, etc. It will take them years of hard slog before they ever recoup their investment. Meanwhile if you implement my public domain movie strategy you can make back your cash and be earning a profit in just a few days. I know which I’d choose.

With this special web site you can spend a few hundred dollars and be in business quickly. A great business as well. How cool would it be to tell people “I’m in the movie business”?

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