Papaya T.R. Hovey Tree - Carica papaya - Easy to grow fruit - 4" Pot

 Papaya T.R. Hovey Tree - Carica papaya - Easy to grow fruit - 4  
Price: $6.52

Description: Exotic and deliciously edible, 'TR Hovey' is a dwarf papaya that is perfect for growing in pots. Papayas need sunny, warm growing conditions and the soil temperature needs to be 60°F or higher. With the right cultural conditions 'TR Hovey' will grow quickly and produce ripe fruit in as little as one year's time. Grow it inside in the winter and take it outside in the summer months. Fruit will start developing only 12" from the base of the plant. The pictured plant is about 3' tall and grew big fruit after only 10 months.

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