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War on Religion

My Thoughts On Religious Freedom

These are my thoughts on the current situations and future possibilities of violations of the "Conscious Clause" or Religious Freedom aspects.

Keep in mind that the current Administration did not want to acknowledge the War on Terror while it is still going on. It has been said that Osama Bin Laden had declared war on America but we did not declare it as a war. So there is a war even if we do not choose to acknowledge it.

Similarly, the Administration's War on Religion (other than Muslims, of course) is evident even when some refuse to acknowledge that.From the obvious shunning of terms such as"Merry Christmas" to the blatant attacks on the Roman Catholic Church, with "Don't Ask", gay marriages in between, it is plain to the ones with spiritual eyes that anything the administration wants it attempts to enforce its' rules and doctrines on everyone else.

Allow me to step away from this subject to use this example. I love the Twilight Zone. There was one episode, I think called, "The State", or something like that. It starred Burgess Meredith, you know, the Penguin from the Batman series. He was a librarian and the State sentenced him to death saying he was "Obsolete".

So he asked for a member of the State to stay with him before he was to die by a bomb in his room. While he was waiting he was reading his Bible.So the member of the State panicked and called on God to let him out of the room and when he went back to work, the State called him

Rod Serling, in summary, stated that any State that violates the rights of man was "Obsolete".

Progressives, stripping away our rights and freedoms, are ruining America a little bit at a time.Almost all of what we are as Americans could be related to our own health and well-being. Therefore almost anything could be justified in this Administrations' eyes by the Health Care Laws. Control Health Care and you greatly control our lives.

First control what you can or can not say, then what you can or can not eat,what you can or can not do. With upcoming technology maybe they'll control what you can or can not think.

As far as Religious Freedom goes, it may soon be a day when the Administration forces its way onto your religious leaders by giving them the choice of doing what the Administration thinks is right on any given issue, or giving up your beliefs and principles.All in the name of XYZ.