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Mainstream finally acknowledges that statins can cause memory loss

Recently I told you about the American Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) consumer update on the risks associated with cholesterol-lowering statins.

If you ask me, they could have gone with "FDA Warns Consumers About Statin Risks," or "FDA Finally Comes Clean about Significant Statin Risks"... but no, all these hypocrites want to do is to "expand" their advice", because in their view there is still no major cause for concern.

The FDA's recent Consumer Update poses this question: "What should patients do if they fear that statin use could be clouding their thinking?"

And here's the answer from an FDA safety official: "Don't stop taking the medication; the consequences to your heart could be far greater."

Cloudy thinking

Excuse me for being candid, but perhaps that particular FDA official is not taking statins, or he or she has not paid any attention to the mounting evidence that shows a strong link between statins and memory loss.

For instance, a 2009 study found that among 171 patients who complained about statin-related brain symptoms, 90 per cent of those who stopped taking statins experienced an improvement in their symptoms. Sometimes, improvement was seen within days of stopping the treatment. The average time it took for improvement to be seen was about 2 and a half weeks. The fact that symptoms improved after stopping statins strongly suggests that statins were directly responsible for the problems experienced.

See, FDA officials are well aware that we're talking about more than just a few passing clouds here. It's more likely to be "total global amnesia"!

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