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San Francisco-style Sourdough with Increased Whole Wheat

San Francisco-style Sourdough with Increased Whole Wheat

I usually make this bread as  500g boules, but the beautiful large bâtards and miches I've seen  from Josh, Syd and others in the past week or so had me craving a larger loaf. So this 1kg bâtard was baked this afternoon, and it is good. I think it's kind of pretty, too.

The formula for this bread is in San Francisco-style Sourdough Bread with increased whole wheat flour, except I boosted the hydration by about 30g or so. I've been doing that pretty regularly. I'll have to actually weigh the additional water and recalculate the hydration one of these days. I'm guesstimating it is about 81%.

I baked this loaf at 460dF with steam for 15 minutes, then at 435dF Convection for another 20 minutes.

Happy baking!




It's been too long.  I use to make this religiously before I moved to the West Coast.  Bread has overcome my desire to make pastry in the past 8 years.  And crazy enough i was able to apply so much I've learned since this recipe was born.  I switched a flying sponge for an overnight Biga and squeezed 16 % Whole Grain in there with no problem  I'll keep increasing this every time til I notice it losing its luster.  



Cooled and Dressed

And finally sliced




Donut troubles - donuts grow "tumors" in the fryer? Not sure what it's caused by..

Donut troubles - donuts grow "tumors" in the fryer? Not sure what it's caused by..

Hi everyone! I'm having cake donut troubles. When I fry the donuts through the depositor, the donuts sometimes get these "tumors." Pretty much, the dough bursts out through a small part of the donut and cooks right away. I thought it was because of the baking powder, but it does it even if I take out the baking powder. It might be because the batter is too liquid? Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can try to alleviate this problem?

Pizza on the BBQ

Pizza on the BBQ

   Spring is finally here so along with grilling hamburgers and hot dogs and steak it was time to crank up the grill and make some pizza.

My pizza set-up allows me to get the temperature over 700 degrees.  I'm not sure how hot is really get since my thermometer only goes to 700 degrees so I would say it's probably closer to 800 or higher.



I made a basic dough recipe using instant yeast this time since I didn't have time to make the starter version I made last time and I used mainly type 00 Caputo flour along with a little bit of freshly ground whole wheat.  For the basic recipe you can refer to my previous post here.

I made 3 different personal size pies this time with the first being a simple version using fresh tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and some shaved Parmesan.  Unfortunately my wife ate most of it before I had a chance to photograph it, so no pictures.

The second pie was made using my wife's left-over meat sauce along with some fresh mozzarella and shaved Parmesan.


The third and last pie of the night was a white pie which we used a garlic butter spread, caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella and shaved Parmesan.



All three came out great with a nice charred crust just like I like it.  They were so good we ate all of them except one slice.





Spreadsheet Template

Spreadsheet Template

So I've sought this here before and found some solid info but never really found what I needed.  I am in the market for a template for manipulating my formulas.  If anyone has a blank template they'd like to share that would be most excellent.  I've looked for purchasable templates and can't find any.  Breadstorm looks about perfect but its for MAC only and I am a PC user so....  I'd like to have rows for total ingredients, preferement 1, preferement 2 (these can simply be named per recipe and used or not used pending the forumla) I've found some pretty close on google docs but they don't have it set up to tally your levain.  It would be cool to have a section that manipulates the levain build as well.  Many bakeries use this system and I'm starting to assume most build their own spreadsheets.  I have little experience with building spreadsheets so I reach out to those more advanced that might point me in the direction to a purchasable and/or existing template that I can then use to fill in.  

Hope this request makes sense

Cheers and Thanks 



100% Red Stone Ground Whole Wheat Pan Bread

100% Red Stone Ground Whole Wheat Pan Bread

The absorption necessary to produce this soft loaf was relatively high, at 82%. This is the second loaf that I have made with Bob's Red Mill stone ground whole wheat flour. I used 78% absorption on the first run, which caused excessive loading on the mixer. Water was added to bring the absorption up to 80½%, which still resulted in a somewhat dry crumb.

This loaf was (of course) made with the re-mixed straight dough method. Here are a few more observations on dough mixing and re-mixing:

  • All of the ingredients (except salt and sugar) are mixed together until smooth.
  • The consistency of the dough has similar characteristics to a so-called “short mix” dough.
  • The dough is fermented in the mixing bowl for 2½ hours, then the salt and sugar are added and the dough is re-mixed.
  • The consistency of a properly re-mixed dough matches that of a so-called “improved mix” dough. Unlike the improved mix method, the re-mixed dough is only given a short rest before being formed and panned.

For the last six batches of bread produced, the mixing time was determined by observing the energy consumed by the mixer (in watt-hours) and the average power consumption. The average power curve is shown graphically on the display screen of an OP7200 programmable controller, along with watt-hours and elapsed time. This instrument that I cobbled together and programmed is similar to the “Mixatron”, which has been around for decades. I put together my version of the Mixatron some years ago, for use with my SP5 spiral mixer. I never had any luck using it with an ordinary stand mixer, until I started re-mixing dough with a spiral hook. The amount of energy consumed by the mixer (watt-hours) has been remarkably consistent from batch to batch. The photo of the display screen shows a clear power peak (sorry about the fuzzy numbers). The OP7200 was originally purchased from Z-World, which subsequently merged with rabbit semiconductor, and is now available at

Hello from Belfast, Ireland

Hello from Belfast, Ireland

Thought I'd introduce myself - I'm Jacob. I'm a bakery student from Belfast.
I've been a home baker for ages now, and I have all the burn marks to show for it - I can be a bit clumsy haha.

Anyways, I make bread pretty often these days so I thought I'd join :)


Arva Flour - Anyone using this? Need some help/advice/feedback.

Arva Flour - Anyone using this? Need some help/advice/feedback.

I've recently taken up the challenge to teach myself how to make a nice loaf of bread.    Something I have attempted and failed at in the past.   Thanks to The Fresh Loaf and all the amazing information it offers I've had some reasonable success.  

The flour I have been using comes from a local mill in Arva, Ontario.   I figured I should use the best flour I can get.   What I was wondering is if anyone else had any experience with it?   I've noticed that no matter what recipe I have used, my dough always seems way more slack than in the videos or photos.   I do weigh everything and I have tried two different scales.   I am not one to stray from a recipe when I am learning, so I have not tried to compensate by adding more flour or reducing the water too much yet.     I have successfully made several boules, batards and boulots, but I have had to refrigerate them overnight in order to properly score them and I have to put them in the oven right after in order for them to retain their shape.

For example, I just finished the first stage of Richard Bertinet's White Bread (bulk fermenting now).  Very simple recipe and techniques.   I slapped and folded that dough so much my dog is still hiding under the bed!   However, after 15-20 minutes the dough is still very sticky and slack!  It's incredibly stretchy and passes the windowpane test without a problem.

So, I am just curious if any other Arva users have had this experience?  or is it just my technique?


Muffalatta buns

Muffalatta buns

Help. Does anyone have a good recipe for muffaletta buns.  I tried several sites and all I can find are pretty generic recipes.  I had one in New Orleans in Central Market and we all thought it was the bread that made it special.  Thanks for any help.  Go LSU!



My starter looked good for 2 days and on day 3 it separated with a layer of water in-between the top crusty layer and a bottom soft layer. Is this ok or do I start over. My starter is 50/50 bread flour and whole wheat. can I start feeding?

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