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best herbs for bread

best herbs for bread

Hello TFL members,

I have just kicked off my herb bread theme week on  I will be posting some of my favourite herb bread recipes thanks to my thriving herb garden.

I would be very interested to hear which herbs and combinations my fellow TFL bakers like to bake with.....

garlic herb bread - herby-breads blog marathon

garlic herb bread - herby-breads blog marathon

I am pleased to kick off my collection of herby-breads recipes with this easy recipe for Garlic herb flatbread.  More posts for herby bread recipes, all inspired by my superabundant herb garden, are scheduled to follow on  Its a kind of herb bread theme week, or herb bread blog marathon. However you like to call it, it should be delicious 

Hobart N50 For Sale

Hobart N50 For Sale


I recently bought an Ankarsrum mixer and am selling my Hobart N50. 

This machine is used but in pretty good condition compared to others I have seen. It has some scratches as you can see in some of the photos. It was just serviced, so it has new grease in the gearbox. All gears work well, it is a bit noise on #3 (you can see a video here)

It is a great mixer, I have had no problems with it.

I am not the original owner, I have had it for about 3 years.

I am asking $650.00

I Need Help With This Egyptian Flatbread

I Need Help With This Egyptian Flatbread

I have been trying to make a decent flatbread that would go with eastern dishes, I have tried lots of recipes with none of them coming out quite the way I wanted. I recently watched "A Cook Abroad" and in it an Egyptian woman made a flatbread that looked exactly like what I wanted to achieve. I have included photos of what it is I want to make. 

Please can you guys help me 


The programme is on youtube it's worth a watch, but the specific time is at 24:00

i have some screen shots to help make it clearer

SD Gone Mellow, LOL!

SD Gone Mellow, LOL!

This bake started out as an experiment. I live in the tropics, my starter would peak 5 times of its size within 4 hours or so. Therefore, I was doing things the complete opposite at my end here....'How to slow down the fermentation process and maximise the flavour of SD'!

I was building the starter as per recipe but Abe suggested to put some cold water to slow down the process and I gladly complied. The water was iced-cold, only to slow down the process during the 1st hour or so but it still peaked as usual. Therefore, this method could only buy me an hour or two....not by a big margin. Also, adding sugar or honey would not affect the texture of SD. 


To be honest, this is not the first time that I made a sourdough with dried cranberries and walnut but this bake came out with a lovely hue, more so than the one turned purple. I guess it could be a hit with the ladies : )


And I was just thinking, SD or artisan bread doesn't need to be eaten over breakfast or dinner only. If we use our imagination a bit, it could be a very good Valentine Gift Basket too. Just add in lots of cranberries on a white SD, have a few stalks of flower, homemade jam...and voila! 


Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend so far.....happy baking!





Crumb Shot.


Lady In Purple.


Close up on yet another crumb shot!



Long time no... bake

Long time no... bake

After 2 years (or more?) ... YEY!


And the update... a higher hydration dough... 

Anyway... missed so much... uhhhhh.... :D:D:D

Cheers from Italy ! (red wine and a slice of bread....a beautiful sunny Saturday... what else?... ) 

Baking Sourdough bread outdoors in a ceramic oven...

Baking Sourdough bread outdoors in a ceramic oven...

A pre-fermented 75% Hydration Sourdough boule... Baked at 550¬į on my Big Green Egg.


Corn Flour Bread

Corn Flour Bread

A number of years ago, on this very site, I followed a link from one of our regular posters to a "Corn Flour Bread"  recipe.  It was wonderful and was a stenciled loaf in the shape of an ear of corn.  The recipe called for a good amount of corn "Flour" as opposed to cornmeal.  All of that was fine with me.  I made this bread 6-8 yrs ago and cannot find any reference to it no matter how hard I try.  I had thought I found it on "Breadtopia", but cannot find it there.

  Perhaps someone remembers this recipe and can steer me in the right direction.  My local farmers market sells fresh ground corn flour and I am dying to try it out.



Is this mold on my sourdough? :(

Is this mold on my sourdough? :(

I took my SD out of the fridge to use it for bread making, and its surface was covered with this yucky moldy-looking layer..  The smell, however, is quite the same, soury as usual.

I removed as much as I could and mixed it, and it looks ok (bottom right image). But can I use it??? I don't wanna be eating anything bad..

background info:

-it's a rye sourdough (1 part rye, twice as much parts water)

-last feed was almost two weeks ago. I keep it in the fridge and it always looked regular till now.

-I live in a very hot and dry area and summer started pretty bad the last 3 weeks.


Question about Peter Reinhart's Sourdough

Question about Peter Reinhart's Sourdough

I have doubled the recipe for this bread to make 4 loaves.  I didn't make any changes in quantities when I doubled but the dough seems wetter than usual.  Right now the dough is in one piece in bowl for the 3-4 hr rise.  Peter Reinhart says when this process is complete and when I divide into 4 pieces to put into bannetons I should degas the dough as little as possible. My question is - can I do any stretching and folding before I shape in to boules and put into the bannetons for final proofing or is it really necessary to handly gently.  I don't want a floppy mess so I thought this might strengthen the dough?





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